what to do with an aggressive dog that bites

What to do with an aggressive dog that bites?

What to do with an aggressive dog that bites and what do you do when you have tried and failed at everything? You feel hopeless, right. You’re a dog lover and your heart shatters into pieces because you do not want your dog to be perceived as a nasty and dangerous dog. You want to help your dog and do whatever you can. Yes, that’s what we do as dog lovers. Isn’t it so? You want the dog to be happy. At the same time you want the people around the dog to be safe, happy and comfortable as well. So, this brings us to today’s story about Jolean and her aggressive German Shepherd buddy called Rocky.

Aggressive German Shepherd That Bites

Why does Rocky bite? Off course, there must be a reason. Dogs do not just become aggressive out of nowhere. Maybe because Rocky fears something. And that’s the reason he do not trust men in general. He is OK with women. Why does Rocky do what he does?

That’s the main point, because if he has to be rehabilitated, then the ‘root cause’ has to be identified and eliminated first. When the ’cause’ will go away, the symptoms will soon disappear on its own.

Cause and Effect

  • Causes can be many things such as fear, distrust, poor training, lack of assertive leadership.
  • And effects as we know can be barking, biting, general aggression etc.

In this situation, trust building is the key. So, gaining trust of Rocky is the very first step towards building a life-long relationship of love and understanding with the animal. As soon as we get a pet we work hard to become friends. And, the warmth of this companionship stays with us forever.

Imagine the pain of someone whose trust in her furry friend is waning little by little due to some unfortunate incident. This is the topic of our story today. Jolean and her mother’s well-wishers advised her to put away the dog, but she decided to give one more try to rehabilitate her friend. She wants to bring Rocky back to the social circle.

And this is where Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan comes to the rescue. Watch this beautiful short video first. Further below, I have also linked you to the full-episode on what to do with an aggressive dog that bites.

First Glimpse of Dog Aggressiveness

Rocky, an otherwise good dog is aggressive towards anyone who does not look like his owner. And this means that he constantly barks at anyone and everyone. His aggressiveness crossed limits and one day he even bit Jolean. This experience shook Jolean’s trust, because she was severely injured. But she did not want to quit on him. And, this is how Cesar Millan helped her in this journey. So, what did Cesar really do that the owners couldn’t or never even realized?

Let’s explore that a bit more.

As you can see in the video Cesar Millan is at Jolean’s home that is Rocky’s territory. Jolean was watching the whole proceeding through the window. Obviously as we can imagine, she had a careworn expression in her face. Rocky true to his form barks incessantly at Cesar because he does not want him there. Rocky is highly protective of his territory. In other words, it is a “go away warning’ in dog’s language.

What is Cesar’s reaction?

Remember, your reaction, your body language is what your dog perceives. If you want to become a better pack leader, it is necessary that we closely watch what Cesar did. Firstly, Cesar thoroughly evaluated the scenario. And, that’s the sign of an expert. Then, he came to the conclusion that the situation is too dangerous for him to handle alone. So, he called Junior for help.

Please note, Junior plays a significant role here. Junior is a calm and assertive dog. And Cesar used  Junior’s calm presence to settle Rocky. Cesar is not called a dog whisperer for nothing. He uses dog psychology to handle and rehabilitate troubled dogs. His techniques are unconventional to say the least. He believes in conversing with animals through his body language and assertive energy.

Cesar always says, if we feel fearful then we convey that negative energy to the animals and they respond accordingly to that energy. As we can clearly see this in the video. Junior’s calmness seems to have taken an effect on Rocky and he retreats to the porch. Only then, Cesar entered Rocky’s territory (the home and garden) and with some effort and skill put a leash on him.

Cesar Had a Clear Plan and Strategy

Rocky was on the porch but he was still barking. If you remember, Cesar said “That’s the real dog, listen to his bark. Normal dogs do not bark like this”. True. Normal dogs bark a little and then start minding their own business. They do not get disturbed by a stranger’s presence. They are not insecure and hence do not overdo it. So, Cesar takes every cue into account to assess Rocky’s behavior. He does that with the purpose of understanding Rocky. How many dog owners do that? Do you pay attention to those cues?

Paying Attention to the Cues

Unfortunately, most dog owners don’t. And, that’s the main reason we do not understand why a dog behaves the way he or she does? Going back to our example, a frantic dog this aggressive can be very dangerous and unpredictable. And, we have Jolean’s experience to vouch for that. Cesar quickly realizes this and asks for his broom. Now that Cesar and Junior are in Rocky’s territory they need a diversion tactic for Rocky. The broom creates a barrier between Cesar and Rocky and provides some extra space.

Cesar Uses Common Sense Backed-up with Strategy

So we have seen, only when Rocky is cornered and the broom is in between Cesar and Rocky, Cesar tried to put the leash over Rocky’s head. What happens next is interesting and significant as well? Suddenly the leash falls from his hands and lands on Rocky’s neck. But, Cesar did not panic. Why? Because he wanted to remain calm and assertive while he dealt with Rocky. Off course not an easy thing to do, especially with an aggressive dog.

This may seem a simple thing for most of us, but for dogs it is huge. Because they can read your energy, they know how you are feeling. And, they respond accordingly. That’s another reason why it helps when we learn and apply dog psychology.

So, what happened after that?

Luckily he had Junior on leash, so he used Junior’s leash. And, this time he successfully put the leash on Rocky and brought him outside the house and on the road. Why? Because, Cesar wanted Rocky in a territory, which is neutral. The idea is to make things easier for Cesar. Now, if you break everything down, it starts to make sense why dog experts like Cesar do what they do. Every step is calculated and planned. Also, they have a quick mind and a fall-back strategy (leash mishap example).

These are great things, we can easily learn with some practice. I agree, you may need help from dog experts, if your dog goes out of control like our example of Rocky. But, if we understand dog psychology, we will for sure become better dog parents.

Rocky has never trusted men. Now it is upon Cesar to gain his trust and make him social again. In Cesar’s words – “The only way Rocky can actually learn to trust man is if a man gains his trust”. Cesar has already successfully completed the first step of this journey.

The most important thing while dealing with any animal is to understand the psychology behind their actions. Here in this case insecurity was a big issue with the troubled dog. By staying calm around him Junior and Cesar has helped him become a little less insecure and a bit more social. Please watch the whole episode below. I hope I could throw some light on the ever growing area of dog psychology. Thank you for visiting our website and take care.

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