service dog training new jersey

Service Dog Training New Jersey

You can check out the following places for service dog training in New Jersey. I would suggest you contact few trainers before making a final decision. If you require financial assistance, some of the great organizations can guide you in the right direction.

Pro Canine Center

service dog training new jerseyPro Canine Center have an A+ BBB rating and some good reviews. They have been in business for around 30 years. It is owned by Andres Aportela, a Professional Dog Trainer. Check out his about page here. Andres has been in the news in several news channels – check this out.

Here is the link to service dog training page – Andres have worked with NY and NJ police providing high quality training service.


Kayla's Paws Service Training

service dog training new jerseyYou might want to contact them and check it out. They are an approved charity based foundation. Here is the service dog application, you can find out more information on how to apply.

Kayla’s Paws wants to help people with disabilities by providing service dog training and educational opportunities. They help people monetarily, physically, and with equipment, especially to those who struggle with their disability and require a service dog. So, if you do not have the funds or resources, please give them a call and they will guide you in the right direction.

If you want to make your self aware about service dog laws in New Jersey, here is a PDF guide from the government website. Here is another resource to find out more about service dogs in NJ.

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