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Dog Communication with other Dogs – Beautiful Story of Kimba & Sonny

Dog communication with other dogs is a topic of interest for most dog owners. How to understand an organic conversation between dogs? As pet parents, we try to understand our dog’s behavior and make sense of their body language and how they bark. You often get tired of hearing mean things about your dog about how aggressive and ill-mannered he or she is – only if they bark.

Hey! It’s a dog and they don’t communicate through words. They bark because they are trying to say something in their own language. You feel like your dog is barking but he/she is actually trying to communicate! You’re a dog lover but you wish to understand what’s really going on between two dogs. The trouble begins when you get home two dogs and they go mighty with each other. You want your dogs to be happy, right? In order to make both the dogs happy, you have to try and understand the ‘doggy’ language.

If you have a dog in your home and he/she is getting aggressive with other dogs, you need to evaluate the situation differently.

The question – What’s going on between two dogs? What are they saying to each other? You are not a dog whisperer like Cesar Milan but you can try his ways to understand the organic conversation between dogs. The trick is to look and observe! Let’s understand this better by sharing the story of Kimba and Sonny with you.

The Narrative of Sonny and Kimba

Kimba is a beautiful Siberian husky and she is out in the open to ‘talk’ to a mighty male dog named Sonny. Kimba felt hesitant to go near Sonny but she is curious! A beautiful conversation took place between Kimba and Sonny. She kept barking at him and the pup parents wondered why she would do this! At first, Kimba’s parents thought that she is an aggressive dog and the problem is with her.  They were worried because everyone told them that Kimba is an aggressive dog. Is it so? Is it a case of aggression? Let us find out!

Dog communication with other dogs – Cesar’s Approach

In the video, Cesar has brought Sonny (the mighty dog) into the picture and he is just trying to show Kimba’s parents about how dogs have an organic conversation. As a pet owner, we think that our dogs are barking for no rhyme or reason. We start believing that our dog is aggressive but it is not true.

If you look at Kimba’s body language throughout the video, you would notice that she is not being aggressive dominant. Rather, she is being aggressive defensive because she knows that Sonny is bigger as compared to her! However, Kimba was pushing it and trying to bring out Sonny’s dominant side. Her instincts are saying that she wishes to submit and wants Sonny to dominate.

Cesar’s Clear Strategy

Cesar brought Sonny into the picture because he wanted Kimba’s parents to understand what she is trying to say to Sonny. When Cesar brought Sonny into the picture, Kimba’s parents were afraid because they have never seen Kimba interact with other dogs. They were afraid to see Kimba barking at Sonny and felt that she is being aggressive. Is she really aggressive? Cesar made it clear that Kimba was just trying to submit and even her body language was depicting that! The real deal was that Kimba was trying to get a reaction from Sonny. She wanted to be dominated by Sonny and finally, he pounced on the ground and gave a dominant bark. At the end, Kimba gave a dominant bark and looks like she liked it!

Please note, Sonny plays a vital role here. He is being calm and even though he is stronger than Kimba, he is playing it cool and reacts at the end of the video. Well, Cesar definitely knows what he is doing! After all he is the most amazing dog whisperer in the whole wide world!

Cesar said, “That’s the way dogs do it: they don’t send flowers’’.

He explained the situation beautifully to Kimba’s parents. She was not really an aggressive dog! She was just trying to get dominated!

Looks like Cesar handled this with grace and they helped Kimba’s parents to believe in her. The next time you feel your dog is aggressive, you can look for signs. Is it really aggression? Cesar knows it all. By the way, dog communication does not end here. If you are interested, this is a great piece of research article by American Psychological Association: “Researchers studying dogs’ communication skills hope to shed light on early human evolution“.

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