dog barks at me when I say no

Dog barks at me when I say no

If your dog barks at you when you say no, he maybe upset or frustrated with something. It can also be a sign of sheer disobedience. So, what do you do to stop this bad behavior?


I suggest you remain calm, and try not to get angry with your dog. Barking is a way how dog’s communicate, it is just like we talk to express our feelings. When a dog barks there is a reason behind it. Try to look around and see if you can identify the trigger for barking. Yes, you will find it, if you remain patient and look for the cause, so this is the first thing you need to do.

Dog’s read our energy

Stay calm because dog’s can read your energy, which we normally tend to ignore. So, if your dog sees you irritated or angry he/she will obviously not respond calmly. Sometimes we think if we show anger, the dog may obey out of fear. Maybe it will for a while, but you will see more disobedience or bad behavior in the long run.

Positive reinforcement

Yes for sure positive reinforcement works great. You might be wondering, tell me exactly what I need to do when “My dog barks at me when I say no”. Stop, take a deep breath and stand your ground. Show your dog you are in control – do not scream or shout. Rather, talk to your dog firmly and ask him to stop. Your firmness will send a strong signal to your dog, and if you are patient, then he will become quiet sooner than you think.

Patience, consistency and time

Do not rush and do not expect your dog to change over-night. Be consistent and remain firm every time he barks at you. Ask him/her to stop barking firmly. Have a treat ready when he stops, and praise your dog. Positive reinforcement of good behavior works like magic.

Here is an in-depth article about compulsive barking and how you can deal with it better. You can also use anti-barking dog collars – read the pros and cons here.

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