cycling with your dog

Cycling with Your Dog – 3 Top Tips

Cycling with your dog is a wonderful fun filled activity. Not just that. It is an excellent exercise for you and your dog. Trust me, it will improve the bond between you and your dog. Here is a beautiful short video by Cesar Millan on how to ride a bicycle with your dog.



If you can teach your dog to run along side you when you cycle, then that would be the best thing you can ever do. You can either use a leash when riding a bike. Make sure they are properly leash trained. Or, you can use the hands free tool, which is quite easy to use. The one shown below can be used for walking your dog or while riding a bike.


Cycling with your dog important considerations

+ Train Your Dog.
+ Safety First.
cycling with your dog

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But, you have to train your dog properly. So that they listen to you and follow you around when you are cycling. If it is the first time, then it will be time to put your patience to real test. It won’t happen right away. Because you have to get your dog used to the bicycle. They will need to trust and build confidence first.┬áBefore you can cycle with your dog you have to train them. Follow this three simple steps.

#1 Be Calm and Make Them Familiar

I talk to my dogs and explain to them what I am going to do. Yes, they do understand what you say to them clearly with lots of love and care. Make them feel comfortable with the whole exercise. Like Cesar mentioned in the video, walk your dog along side your bike. No rush and no hurry. Take your time and let your dog adjust to the new exciting idea.

What I also do? I slowly ride the bike around them. I don’t ask them to do anything. The idea is to let them watch me, and enjoy it. I have found if you do that, they feel very comfortable around the bike.

Trust me, they will start following you around because they want to see you happy. When they follow you around, praise them that will give them confidence. So, I would try a mix of the two strategies I mentioned above.

#2 Make Your Dog Sit Near The Bike

Like you have seen in the above video, make your dog sit near the bike. Make sure you position him or her in the direction you are going to go. Again, no rush and no worries. Take your time and give your dog enough time. Make sure you are calm and assertive because that will be mirrored by your dog. Only give them a treat when they do what you expect them to do. This will reinforce that behavior.

#3 Ride Away Gently

When you and your dog are ready, ride away and enjoy. Ride slowly and steadily. That will help you to be in control of the situation. At the same time your dog will find it comfortable too. If dog leash pulling is a a problem, then these simple tips will help.

Also, make sure you ride on surfaces that is safe for your dog and his paws. Safety always comes first. So, make sure the area is safe for you and your dog. You do have other options available to you as well. If you want to go biking and you want your dog to come along with you, then you can buy a dog trailer and teach them how to ride a bike trailer. Or, you can attach a bicycle rear seat. There are a lot of other great outdoor activities you can enjoy with your dog, and boating is also another great adventure.

Happy Bike Riding with your Dog!

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