Biking with Dog Trailer Ultimate Guide & How to Buy the Best Dog Trailer?

Biking with dog trailer will be an immensely fun filled activity for you and your furry friend. In this detailed dog biking guide, I will share with you everything that you need to know about how to buy the best dog trailer? Also, the preparations (such as road safety etc.) you would need for biking with a dog trailer.

best dog trailer

Shown above is the excellent PetEgo Large Dog Bike Trailer. Visit Amazon to find out more.

I will also share tips on how to train your dog to safely ride a bike trailer. But, first let’s have a quick look at the comparison table with the best dog trailers available in the market.

Top 10 Best Dog Bike Trailers

Name of TrailerDog SizeTrailer + StrollerExpert RatingPrice
PetSafe Solvit HoundAboutMedium to Large Dogs (Max Capacity:110 lbs)YesCheck Price on Amazon
Best Choice Products 2 in 1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer BicycleMedium Sized Dogs (Max capacity: 66 lbs)YesCheck Price on Amazon
DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike TrailerMedium Sized Dogs (Max capacity: 55lbs)NoCheck Price on Amazon
Aosom Elite Pet Bike CarrierMedium Sized Dogs (Max capacity: 66 lbs)NoCheck Price on Amazon
Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer, OrangeMedium Sized Dogs (Max capacity: 50 lbs)NoCheck Price on Amazon
Sepnine 2 in1 pet dog bike trailerMedium Sized Dogs (Max capacity: 66 lbs)YesCheck Price on Amazon
Burley Tail WagonMedium to Large Dogs (Max Capacity: 75 lbs)YesCheck Price on Amazon
PetEgo Comfort Wagon Dog Bike TrailerLarge Dogs (Max Capacity: 165)NoCheck Price on Amazon
Rage Powersports PT-20304-B Pull-Behind Dog Bike CarrierLarge Dogs (Max Capacity: 130)NoCheck Price on Amazon
DoggyRide Novel10 Anniversary Bike Trailer for PetsMedium to Large Dogs (Max Capacity:100 lbs)NoCheck Price on Amazon

This is a huge Biking with a Dog Trailer Guide with more 8000 words, so for your convenience I have created the table of contents below. It will help you to jump to any section you like. I would also suggest you bookmark this page for future reference. Let’s move on to detailed review of best dog bike trailers.


Detailed Review of Best Dog Bike Trailers


Probably you guys know Jenna Marbles, she is lovable and crazy. You may like her or you may not. I don’t want to say more about her. Probably you can figure that out and it is not the subject of this article anyway. So, before we go into the detailed reviews why not have a quick peek at this short video. It seems she is having a fabulous time with her dogs in a dog bike trailer. I am sure you will enjoy that.

Now let’s get to the actual list. We have curated this list based on a variety of factors. We look for specific features or attributes in products to rank them in our list. Our ranking is based on the following:

  • Construction
  • Ride Quality
  • Safety
  • Load carrying capacity and
  • Additional features.

So let’s see which all products have made the cut on the best dog trailers you can buy today.


PetSafe Solvit Aluminum or Steel Bicycle Trailer

VERDICT“The best dog trailer you can buy that can carry a large dog with ease if you can spend a bit more than standard.”

The Petsafe Solvit tops our list due to a variety of reasons. It actually surprised us because of the attention to detail that the designers had put into this product.Let’s have a look at why the PetSafe Solvit HoundAbout is given the pole position.

+ In addition to the front and back door, this product also packs a sunroof
+ The universal bike hitch lets it connect it to any type of axles
+ The mesh provided are weatherproof
+ The large version can carry 110 lbs with ease
– Some customers are unhappy with the fold-able construction
– The steel frame variants have smaller front opening
Read the Reviews on Amazon

Sturdy construction

The first thing that you will notice about the trailer is how well it is put together. You can choose between aluminum and steel builds. Both materials have their own advantages. With aluminum, you are getting a lighter build, and with steel, you will have a stronger construction, but it tends to be heavy.

Ride quality

Another noticeable trait of PetSafe Solvit HoundAbout is its wide wheelbase. A wide wheel base may cause the pet trailer to have more width, but you can be assured of good ride quality. Your dog will be happy along the way and comfortable. The low center of gravity also ensures that it won’t jiggle about too much on uneven roads and also prevents body rolls on curves.


The addition of the adjustable leash makes the trailer easy and safe to use. The sturdy frame coupled with the strong and durable materials makes it very solid. The reflectors on each wheel do a good job in adding a layer of safety when you are riding your bike in dim or poor lit conditions.

Load bearing capacity

Being a well-made product, the PetSafe Solvit HoundAbout certainly performs like one. The trailer can carry 110 lbs with ease. This means that medium to large dogs  can be easily accommodated inside the trailer. 110 lbs are actually one of the highest load carrying capacities seen in dog trailers.

Additional features

  • The trailer comes with front and rear doors. It helps your dog to get in and out of the trailer quickly and enjoy the open air better.
  • The mesh covers come with a waterproof sheeting that helps in keeping the water outside.
  • The sunroof helps your dog to see the outside world in all its beauty
  • The soft waterproof cushion gives a great comfort without causing any irritations and can be cleaned easily as it doesn’t absorb moisture.
  • The side pockets help to store utilities and other pet care essential.

Available in 4 variants:

Since the product comes in steel and aluminum frames. There is a total of 4 variants available.

  • Medium steel frame: A load carrying capacity of 50 lbs with dimensions:  26 x 17 x 20 inches. The products weigh 31 lbs.
  • Medium aluminum frame: A load carrying capacity of 50 lbs with dimensions:  26 x 25 x 17 inches. The products weigh 20 lbs.
  • Large Steel frame: A load carrying capacity of 110 lbs with dimensions:  22 x 26 x 33 inches. The products weigh 27 lbs.
  • Large Aluminum frame: A load carrying capacity of 110 lbs with dimensions:  33 x 33 x 22 inches. The products weigh 25 lbs.

2) Best Choice Products 2 in 1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer

VERDICT: “The best bang for buck dog trailer you can buy for small-medium doggies!”

Second on our list is the Best Choice 2 in 1 trailer. The name gives a hint about this trailer being more than your typical bicycle dog trailer. It is pet stroller that can be used as  bicycle trailer or vice versa.

Build and construction

When compared with PetSafe Solvit Houndabout, you are paying less for Best Choice 2 in 1 trailer. But this doesn’t have an impact on trailer’s build quality. The product is made with a steel frame to give it a sturdy build. However, the steel frame makes the product rank a bit high when it comes to the overall weight as the product weighs 37 lbs. The trailer is still light enough so that you can easily lift it up and place it in your car.

Ride Quality

The product comes with rear wheel suspension. This gives the trailer a really smooth ride as the shock absorbers iron out vibrations really well. The front wheel is removable so that you can use  Best Choice 2 in 1 in trailer mode while cycling and as a stroller while you’re out for a casual walk or jog. The 19 inch rear wheel also plays a major role in providing a smooth ride.


Best choice 2 in 1 trailer actually aces in the safety department as the product comes with all the safety bells and whistles. There are reflectors placed on the wheels, the front end  and as well as the rear end of the trailer. the trailer also comes with a hand lock brake that can be used to lock the rear wheels. This is a feature that you are definitely going to love as it renders the trailer immobile while the handbrake is actuated, particularly useful on slopes. The package is complete with the addition of  a safety flag on top of the trailer to improve visibility while on the road.

Load bearing capacity

This is the area where the best choice 2 in 1 trailer falls short. The maximum load that the trailer can carry is 66 lbs. The highest variant of the Petsafe Solvit Houndabout could hold 110 lbs. So if you have medium to large dogs, this product might not be you best choice.

Additional features

  • The body is made of water-resistant polyester.
  • The front wheel can be attached to make the trailer a stroller
  • The product has large wide mesh windows
  • It has adjustable handlebar to be used easily as a stroller
  • The canopy also comes with weather protection
  • It can be folded down for easy storage
  • The cushion is removable and washable
  • The product comes with a universal hitch


  • The product can be used as a trailer and a stroller depending on the need
  • Feature packed, considering the price point
  • The product greatly emphasizes safety
  • The front wheel can be made to swivel or locked by pin mechanism


  • The included set-up instructions are hard to understand
  • The weight distribution is a bit lighter on the front end

3) DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer

VERDICT: “If you own a small dog like a chihuahua or a bulldog and need a dog trailer that is tailored to them and looks good in the process, this might be the one!”

DoggyRide may not advertise their Mini Dog trailer as a 2 in 1 trailer, but with the DoggyRide conversion kit, you can convert the product into a trailer/stroller with certain modifications.

Build and Construction

The DoggyRide Mini trailer might be smaller and narrower than our top two picks, but it is no way weak or badly put together at all. The powder-coated steel frame holds the shape very nicely. The compact design helps in the handling side of it, and it is safer for the driver as well. There is provision to add the handlebar and the front wheel for the stroller conversion.

Ride Quality

DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer doesn’t have a shock absorber to soak up the vibrations of the road. But the air filled 12.5-inch wheels does quite a good job at absorbing mild vibrations. Then again, you can use a soft and fluffy cushion inside the trailer for the dog to sit on. This does a really good job at providing your dog a comfortable ride.


DoggyRide Mini Dog bike trailer follows the same standards as Best choice 2 in 1 trailer when it comes to safety aspects. This product comes with a rear wheel brake lock; This means that the trailer won’t move about when you load or unload your dog to and from the trailer. Also it prevents the trailer from running off while it is placed on a slope. The high visibility flag also makes sure that the trailer is highly visible in traffic.

Load Bearing capacity

Being an agile and small package, the DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike trailer can carry only 55 lbs of weight. This means that large dogs are not a good fit for the product.  The company recommends dogs that measure 15 inches in shoulder height. Since the whole weight sits closer to the ground, this trailer is more stable than you think.

Additional Features

  • The material used for the housing is denier Nylon 600 series. The side and front meshes are UV resistant.
  • It also includes a front rain screen. Unzipping the sunroof helps your dog pop its head out and enjoy the view
  • There are back pouches that help in carrying utilities like water bottles
  • The rear wheels can be easily removed to convert the trailer to a car seat
  • Attaching the conversion kits transform the trailer to a stroller
  • Available in three colors


  • Agile and compact construction
  • A utilitarian dog trailer that can take many forms
  • The product gives robust weather-proof protection
  • There are four internal leash holds to hold your dog in place


  • The product can be too compact for the likes of some users
  • The internal leash holders are flimsy

4) Aosom Elite Pet Bike Carrier / Trailer

VERDICT: “One among our most affordable picks for this list, but feels nothing less than a premium package.”

The next on the product on the list cuts down the price significantly compared to our top three picks. Affordability is one of the factors that made Aosom rank fourth on our list.

Build and Construction

The first thing that strikes you about this product is that it’s not particularly short or small. Considering the price point, the product stands tall with its 20-inch wheels, which is by far the largest on our list. The build consists of a robust steel frame. The frame is designed in such a way that the product can handle a considerable amount of force while on the open road.

Ride Quality

The 20-inch wheel does a good job of keeping the body stable while hitting the potholes. There is no dedicated suspension setup given to the Aosom elite, but it won’t disappoint your dog in terms of comfort. Many owners have reported that the stock tires are a bit cheap quality and it tends to make the trailer toss around a bit. Aftermarket thick tires will be the best fix for that issue. Also, buying a cushion for your dog will compensate for the omission of dedicated suspension setup.


Aosom Elite pet trailer doesn’t skimp on safety features as it has reflectors on the wheels, rear end and front for starters. The color of the product also plays a role in increasing the safety aspects. Red being the most visible color, the red and black combo on the product makes it a really good all-rounder on safety when it comes to visibility on open road. The rear wheel lock brake also makes sure that the trailer stays still on slopes or inclined surfaces.

Load bearing capacity

The low pricing of the Aosom Elite PEt Bike trailer shows in the load that it can carry. The maximum load threshold of the product is at 66 lbs. Then again, when we compare this to the Doggy Ride Mini 55 lbs capacity, Aosom wins by a margin of 6 lbs. So medium sized dogs are a perfect fit for this pet trailer.

Additional Features

  • Leash hooks are provided inside the trailer to secure your dog
  • The trailer sports a front and back door for getting your pet in and out of it easily
  • The width of the trailer allows the user to accommodate 2 small dogs (interior dimension: 31”L x 22”W x 25” Height)
  • It can be easily folded for storage and portability
  • Quick release wheels
  • The housing is made of water-resistant polyester, and it also has clear polyester cover


  • One of the most affordable dog trailers on the list
  • Packs in almost all the features of top tier Dog trailers
  • It can be considered lightweight in accordance with dog trailer standards
  • Stays stable even in speeds of 30mph


  • The included wheels are cheap quality
  • There is pungent plastic smell to the trailer right out of the box that stays for a few days

5) Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer

VERDICT: “This is a Go-anywhere pet trailer that is made to perform, but make sure to keep the weight in check!”

Schwinn is a brand that has been in the industry since 1895. They made their debut with children’s bicycle. Now their range of dog trailers are built with perfection in mind and in many ways they are.


It comes with a folding frame that makes storing in the trailer a breeze. The steel frame is durable and you won’t have any points of failure. The universal coupler is a big advantage to cyclists as they can now attach the trailer to any type of axle and coupler combo.

Comfort level

The Schwinn pet trailer comes with padded interiors. The material is washable, and it has got a special non-slip interior lining. So even if you are making a steep curve, your dog will be cozy inside without a ruckus. The perfectly sized rear doggy-door provides an easy entrance for pets.

Safety features

The adjustable leash does a great deal in keeping your pet from leaping or falling out of the trailer and makes the ride a whole lot safer. Along with that, it has a bug screen which keeps all the mosquitoes and bugs from getting inside the trailer and also acts as a weather shield. The aluminum 16-inch wheels are sturdy won’t give into large potholes or gutters. The trailer also comes with a safety flag.

Load Bearing Capacity

The Schwinn pet trailer has one drawback though, it cannot carry more than 50 lbs in weight. So make sure you are buying the product with your pet’s weight in mind. The company has stated that the back pouch can hold 12 lbs as an extra storage unit. This is really helpful when you want to carry accessories or other utilities.

Additional Features:

  • It has two in one canopy
  • It has washable trailer liner
  • A padded seat which is removable and washable
  • Versatile extra storage at the back and a small pouch at the top


  • It has got a universal coupler which is so versatile that can be used to hitch any bicycle to the trailer.
  • It is easy and neat to assemble just takes few minutes to get it set for the ride.
  • Adorable zip up doggy door.
  • High Bang for buck factor
  • The rain shield does a nice job of protecting your dog against the elements


  • Your pet won’t get wet being in it, but the insides get a little damp once it starts raining. The plastic shields are not highly waterproof.
  • The lingering pungent smell of plastic (but will be okay after few days of use)

6) Sepnine 2 in 1 pet dog bike trailer 20303

VERDICT: “One of the best multipurpose pet carriers available. Aces in terms of safety, comfort, and durability.”

Sepnine 2 in 1 pet dog bike trailer follows the 2 in 1 trend when it comes to design and construction. It serves as both trailer and a jogger. This versatile trailer/Jogger bike is an all-terrain pet bike trailer, with a sturdy body and better safety features. Here is why Sepnine 2 in 1 is the best your dog can have:

Build and Construction

The structure is made of steel, in addition to which water-resistant polyester fabric is used as housing. The product is extremely durable and stylish at the same time. You can also choose your Sepnine 2 in 1 from a variety of vibrant colors.

Ride Quality

It might not have a dedicated suspension, but the padding and the cushioning effect of the trailer make the ride reasonably comfortable for your dog. And you can always increase the cushioning inside the trailer to add more to the comfort level of your furry friend.


Safety features are excellent because Sepnine 2 in 1 comes with a safety leash inside the cabin. This leash prevents the pet from jumping out. It also comes with an anti-slip floor, so that your pet does not thump and enjoys the ride as comfortable as it can. Sepnine comes with reflectors and safety flag so that other joggers do not accidentally plunge into the trailer.

Load bearing capacity

The trailer is capable of loading 66 lbs of weight. Therefore, you will have no problem loading medium sized dogs. Some customers have stated that it can carry much more than the 66 lbs limit, but we recommend staying within the safe limits.

Additional Features

  • Packs 16 inch rear tires and a 12-inch front wheel for convenient mobility. These tires are great for almost any type of terrain k.
  • It comes with mesh windows for optimal airflow and maximum visibility.
  • Sepnine 2 in 1 comes with a dual entry system that is specially designed for easy loading of pet. Both front and rear entrances are easily accessible for the pet to reach in and sit in comfort.
  • It also comes with multiple pockets inside the cabin which comes handy for storing your pet accessories and necessities.
  • The trailer/stroller can be cleaned easily with a damp sponge or a cloth.


  • Dual entrance is a massive convenience
  • Polyester fabrics and mesh is waterproof and weather resistant
  • This dog trailer is designed keeping in mind the comfort and safety of the pet.
  • The bike hitch can be attached to all types of axles.


  • Customers suggest that a little more padding is needed to give smooth ride
  • The front wheel does not swivel, and there aren’t any pockets included in the trailer

7) Burley Tail Wagon

VERDICT: “Coming from a reputable brand, this trailer is the safest of them all. The best investment for your best friend.”

Burley Tail Wagon is from the most reputable brand that has been manufacturing trailers since 1978. Burley Tail Wagon is extremely strong and durable. The design is very innovative, and it stands out from what is already available in the market.

Sturdy Construction

The frame is made of aluminum making the entire structure strong and lightweight. Burley Tail Wagon latches on to your bike easily, and the connection is very firm. The capacity stands at 75 lbs. Pet cabin dimensions are 23”H x 19” W x 30” L.

Ride Quality

Burley Tail Wagon ensures that your pet gets the best ride. You can comfortably provide a cushy pad, and your dog can rest while enjoying the ride. The trailer comes with 16-inch spoked alloy wheels, which ensures that it moves well on any kind of terrain. The floor is detachable just in case you want to clean it.  Burley Tail Wagon folds flat for easy transportation. This trailer comes with rear door for easy access.


Burley Tail Wagon comes with side closure straps/battens with which you can secure your pet. The hitch grasps onto the bike extremely firm, and you do not have to worry about the trailer detaching itself as you ride on. Just paddle on and enjoy the ride with your pet. The tow arm attaches to the bicycle very easily and secures using a push button and a release pin for additional security of the pet.

Load Bearing Capacity

Burley Tail Wagon is a well-designed product and a comfortable one too. This trailer is designed for a pet weighing about 75 lbs. It is spacious and gives your pet a comfortable ride all the way to your favorite destination. It is better to always consider buying a trailer that suits the weight of your pet.

Additional features

  • The product is extremely lightweight, and you will have no difficulties riding your bicycle.
  • The material is waterproof. Now the weather cannot put a stop to your adventures.
  • It is very easy to clean the trailer, all you need is a damp cloth. The floor itself is removable for cleaning purposes.
  • The fabric used is very durable.
  • The roll-up rain cover is provided with the trailer.
  • Large windows provide ventilation as well as helps the pet see clearly


  • A universal hitch helps in connecting the trailer to any bicycle axle
  • The Outer fabric does not absorb moisture
  • It folds up nicely and is very compact to store when not in use
  • Nicely ventilated from all four sides


  • It has a tendency to topple over when kept without support
  • Even though it says it can carry 75 lbs, the trailer is too compact to load medium to large dogs.

8) PetEgo Comfort Wagon Dog Bike Trailer

VERDICT: “Looking for a premium and stylish product where price is not an issue? Then PetEgo might be the best trailer there is!”

With an emphasis on safety, PetEgo comfort wagon dog trailer comes in a fascinating Italian Design and is available in different sizes. The design is sleek and very stylish. This Wagon definitely meets the a pet owner’s expectations, and its features make it stand out as one of the best picks.


PetEgo comfort wagon dog trailer comes in a strong Aluminium frame, making it lightweight and sturdy. PetEgo dog trailer is designed by Emanuele Bianchi with an ode to Italian Design. Nevertheless, The Italian design makes the product very stylish; this might be the most stylish product on our list. The aluminum frame does a great deal of carving off weight without compromising strength.


The alternative focus of PetEgo comfort wagon dog trailer is safety. PetEgo comfort wagon is a versatile product made while keeping in mind the practicality. It comes with doors on all four sides and the material used is claw-proof mesh. This ensures the flow of fresh year, and your pet is easily able to look around and enjoy the view while you paddle-on. It is well ventilated keeping in view that ride has to be enjoyable too. The waterproof floor keeps the pet dry in case of puddles.


It is really simple to attach to your bicycle. But the greatest feature of the PetEgo comfort wagon is its dedicated suspension system. The products do true justice to the “Comfort” tag in the name. This dog trailer comes with a really nice suspension system and makes it a smooth-sail for your pet. The ride is silky smooth no matter what the terrain. Just tag your pet along and make the best out of it. There is no compromise on comfort when it comes to PetEgo. The comfort wagon is very comfortable with the good quality material used in the carriage.

Load bearing capacity

This amazing dog trailer can accommodate your pet weighing up to 165 lbs with maximum comfort. This is one among the highest in terms to load bearing. Even if you have a large dog, the PetEgo dog trailer makes sure that it can handle the load pretty easily.

Available Sizes

This dog trailer takes into consideration difference sizes and comes in two different sizes:

Medium size: The dimensions are 32”L x 18”W x 22”H – Load Capacity: 130 lbs

Large sized dog: The dimensions are is 35”x 26”W x 24”H – Load capacity: 165 lbs

Additional features

  • The material is waterproof, making it durable and comfortable for the pet even when weather is not appropriate
  • PetEgo comfort wagon dog trailer comes with a detachable sunroof to increase the visibility when needed.
  • PetEgo comfort wagon dog trailer keeps in consideration the  visibility of your pet, and the trailer is well ventilated as well
  • The design is lovely, and this comfort wagon can serve as doghouse after the wheels are removed


  • This trailer is by far the stylish compared to the competition
  • The suspension system works very well, and it ensures a smooth ride
  • All 4 sides can be zipped down if needed
  • Mesh used in comfort wagon is claw proof ensuring the durability and long life of the product


  • While buying PetEgo comfort wagon dog trailer, budget can be an issue
  • To convert this product into a stroller, you need to make an additional purchase of stroller conversion kit.

9) Rage Powersports PT 20304B 2 In 1 Trailer And Stroller

Verdict: “This 2-in-1 bicycle trailer is the perfect multi-purpose gift for your pet, reasonably priced and totally worth it.”

Rage Powersports 2-in-1 trailer and stroller is a leader when it comes to multipurpose dog trailers. It is the best way to take your best friend along for strolls and much more. This trailer and stroller make it sure that your pet has the best time and you can stop worrying about the safety. Rage Powersports 2 in 1 trailer and stroller is best in class.

Build and Construction

This strongly built trailer and stroller weighs 43 pounds and comes in the dimension of 56.2 x 29.5 x 36. This 2 in 1 trailer and stroller is strong and very durable. With this trailer, you can actually manage a very active lifestyle with your pet. Very easy to assemble, It has got all the features that make it the best buy without any doubt. The aluminum build makes the whole product light on its feet.

Ride Quality

Rage Powersports 2-in-1 trailer and stroller ensures that your pet enjoys a smooth ride. This trailer and stroller have two large 20 inch rear wheels and one 12 inch front wheel making it sure that it can move around easily when it comes to pavements, sidewalks, or any kind of rough terrain.


Rage Powersports 2-in-1 trailer and stroller is very safe as well. A universal hitch is also provided with the trailer which works with 24” to 28” bikes. The trailer also has a hook on the inside so that your pet is strapped safely. It has got reflectors on the front, rear and on the wheels. The high visibility flags help others spot the trailer easily.

Load Bearing Capacity

As it is designed for use as a pullback bike trailer or a push stroller, the weight capacity varies in both the different modes. It accommodates a maximum of 130lbs in trailer mode and 85 lb in stroller mode. Rage Powersports 2-in-1 trailer and stroller is accessible by two doors, a front door, and a rear door. Front door measures 14.75W x 20.75”H and the rear door measures 16”W x 17”H ensuring that your pet can easily access the cabin. The cabin enclosure offers good space of 29.25”L x 19.5”W x 24”H.

Other features

  • Large mesh ventilation so that the pet can inhale fresh air
  • Includes clear plastic roll down window covers so that your pet can look around and enjoy the scenery
  • Rage Powersports 2-in-1 trailer and stroller includes a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The material is waterproof and will keep your pet dry and comfortable
  • Rage Powersports 2-in-1 trailer and stroller is very easy to clean with a sponge it a damp cloth.


  • Windows results in high visibility and mesh ventilated the entire cabin.
  • This 2 in 1 trailer has got two doors for easy access to the pet.
  • The assembly of 2 in 1 trailer and stroller is really easy, and the trailer can be easily attached to bikes
  • The product comes with ample space, and your pet is definitely going to be comfortable.


  • Some customers suggest that the zippers should be able to zip down all the way
  • The three-wheeled stroller system is a bit hard to maneuver

10) DoggyRide Novel 10 Anniversary Bike Trailer for Pets

VERDICT: “If you have a large dog, then let them ride in comfort using the DoggyRide Novel 10.”


This trailer is very well built with matte black aluminum alloy and. The frame is anti-rust and lightweight. Not only that, it can be even converted to a stroller using a modification kit. It comes with an amazing foldable feature; with one pin release, it takes no time to unfold. It has black quick release tires and spokes and hubs which are electrolyzed and are made of stainless steel.


The space inside is amazingly spacious enough for pets like Labrador or a golden retriever. It has a luxury pet mat which is made up of 2-inch dense form, and the top layer is made from memory foam. The best part is that it’s removable and washable. It has a padded front rest which will give your pet an experience like never before.


It has a kick-stand to maintain the stability while your dog hops in or out of the trailer. The removable legs add on to the sturdy structure of this product. The waterproof covers around it provide the pet with optimal air for ventilation. Along with that an all-rounded protection with a screen that protects from wind, rain, and dust from entering inside. The product has high visibility stripes and reflectors on the product.


It can accommodate a pet of 100 lbs very comfortably. The feature that will attract attention is the multi-tasking cargo racks on the roof of it which will help you carry all its accessories like a kickstand, gear pins, etc. It also has a rear pouch which is large enough to hold many things, and it doesn’t stop here, it has a water bottle pocket as well.

Additional Features

  • The cabin can be used as a tent or a crate with the help of the removable legs that it has for stability.
  • It has a detachable kickstand which we usually don’t get along with a trailer and helps large dogs to climb inside it.
  • The padded headrest at the front takes the dog’s comfort to next level.
  • The trailer can be converted to stroller with the optional kit that you may opt for.
  • The product has a roof rack if you want to carry more stuff with you


  • The dog bed inside is padded with the quality foam that gives it an edge over other trailers out there and adds on to its comfort level.
  • The structure and fabric it is made up of is a durable and reliable material keeping it strong and ready to go for a longer period.
  • The safety strap inside keeps your pet at the place, and you can avoid any jumping or fall out accidents.
  • The storage capacity is amazingly high.


  • The price is on the higher side
  • Might be too wide for some doors

Tips on Getting a Dog used to a Bike Trailer

Buying a good bike trailer is easy. But training a dog on how to ride a dog trailer safely may not always be an easy thing to do? Why? Because it might be a completely new thing for your dog. Off course, it will take you some time and a lot of patience. You will also need some skills and experience on training a dog as well. Don’t worry it is not rocket science. And most things come down to common sense and doing it in a structured manner.

If you have never done it before, it might seem like a huge challenge. You and your dog, both may get a bit frustrated because it would seem nothing is working for you guys. Check the Infographic below and follow these simple steps.

biking with dog trailer

Slow and Steady Your Dog Wins

At the beginning, your dog might be fearful of the dog trailer. Because it might be a new thing for them, and they would not know what to do or what to expect. So, as a dog owner your job is to make them feel comfortable and show them step by step how and why it will be such a fun thing for them. Positive association and reinforcement are important.

Gradually introduce your dog to the bike trailer. Let them smell it and be around it. Do not force them into it. Rather attach it to your bike and let them assist you as a helper (I mean let them be around you). As you know dogs are very inquisitive by nature. Once you have set-up the dog bike trailer, attach it to your bike and ride it. Let your dog watch and follow you around. Build up their curiosity, let them get excited about this new adventure. Talk to them and say how excited you’re and they will love it. Trust me: they understand what we say to them.

Training a dog is no different than teaching a child. Looking back, you and I also had to learn a lot of skills when we were a child. How did we do it? Someone taught us, guided us, and modeled it for us. Isn’t it so? It maybe our parents, grand parents, teachers and also the people we met in our life. We saw them doing it, and they showed us how to do it and through practice and repetition we mastered that. The same principle applies for your dog as well.


5 Ways You Can Easily Train Your Dog



If you want your dog to listen to you and do what you want them to do, first you need to begin with yourself. Be calm and confident. Plan ahead what you’re going to do. Always be prepared for unexpected scenarios.



Whatever you want to teach please do one thing at a time. So that your dog does not get confused. It links to the previous step i.e plan ahead. If you want to potty train or teach to ride a bike trailer, just focus on that. Then, move on to something else at another time.



If you use short commands and repeat them with proper gestures, your dog will learn and memorize it better. They will know what to do when you use the gesture again. But, be patient and consistent.



We know rewards motivate, and it will work wonders if you do it right away. Your dog will associate the yummy treat with the expected behavior.



Perfection is achieved through repetition. So, let your dog try the same trick few times in one session. Also, do not overdo it and let them rest after a while.


3 Powerful Methods of Dog Bike Trailer Training


A dog trailer is of no use if your dog doesn’t get into it in the first place. And most of the time, this is the case. Dogs are used to open spaces, so when they are introduced to a setup that confines them to a space that grants them less freedom of movement, of course, they are going to freak out a bit! But that being said, once they are used to a dog trailer, they will jump in every time they see it.

So how does a dog go from inhibition to absolutely loving a dog trailer? The answer is quite simple – training. The process doesn’t demand much hard work, but most of the time, Owners tend to force their dogs onto the trailer. This is something you have to avoid as there are much simpler methods to warm up your pet to the trailer.

Let us share three proven methods by which you can get your dog into the trainer in no time at all.

The Bait and Lure Method

This method is called the bait and lure method because it involves you to lure your pet into the trailer with some kind of bait. Let’s have a more detailed view on this:

  1. Place the dog trailer in a place inside the house where it is easily seen by your dog. Do not make the mistake of giving the dog a surprise by showing the trailer on the day you decide to take your dog out cycling.
  2. Give your dog some time to familiarize with the product. The best way to do this is to place the trailer in the house a week before the actual ride. This gives your pet some time to get accustomed to the product. Once you see your pet approach the trailer without fear, this is the right moment to make a move.
  3. Once your dog is acquainted with the trailer, try to command him to get in the trailer. This might not work the first time you do it but try to your best without forcing the dog.
  4. Now it’s natural that he/she may be skeptical the first time. This is where your bait comes in. throw a toy that attracts your dog into the trailer. Once he gets in the first time, repeat the process again and again till your pet is cozy with the trailer. Don’t skimp on the praises!
  5. Once he is in the trailer, go out for a short stroll and see if your pet is cozy inside the trailer. Use the safety harnesses to secure him before you head out. Once your pet is at ease with the trailer, you can increase the ride duration. Dogs particularly love the feeling of jutting their head out of a moving bicycle trailer. So even if you face a first few days of hardship, it is going to turn out very pleasant in a jiffy.

Treats Makes Everything Better

If the above-mentioned method doesn’t work out for you, don’t worry! We have a more alluring way that will surely get your pet into the trailer in no time.

  1. The first step is pretty much the same where your task is to set up the trailer in front of your dog and letting him be a part of everything. This will make your dog consider the trailer as a  part of the household.
  2. The next part involves the usage of doggy treats. These tasty treats must be placed inside the trailer so that he can get into the trailer to have the treat. The method isn’t full proof as there is a chance that the dog may get out of it as soon as he finishes the treat. But patience is the key here.
  3. Every time he is inside the trailer give him an extra treat and shower your praises on him. This gives them an idea that you want them in the trailer and it’s a good thing. After doing this for a few times, use keywords like “in” or ‘get in” to teach him a command you want to use when you want your dog in the trailer.
  4. Observe your dog. After he or she feels comfortable inside the trailer, then you’ll secure your dog .
  5. Go for short rides and see how things go, after which you can increase the duration of the ride according to the mood of your pet.

Slow and Steady Method

The name gives it away because this method might be the slowest among the three. But this is the single most effective method if your dog is not usually open to changes or new ways of transport. Therefore it is better to progress slowly and keep your pet comfy throughout the whole process.

  1. Let the trailer sit in your home for a few days after you have bought it. Let your dog have its time around the trailer.
  2. Then it’s time to get the trailer outside, but not with your dog inside it. Instead just hook up the trailer to your bike and move it around in the open. One thing to keep in mind is that you must let your dog walk alongside you throughout the whole process.
  3. Try to get him in the trailer only when he feels comfortable. Always pay attention to the pet’s expression, if he is anxious or sad, let him out and do it later.
  4. Once your dog is inside the trailer, secure him in and it’s time to go on for a short ride. But do not hop on to the bicycle just yet. Firstly, walk the bike with the trailer attached. This will help your dog to feel comfortable and safe inside the trailer. Keep and eye contact with your dog. This will build their confidence. Praise them as you walk.
  5. Once you feel that he is enjoying his time in the trailer, then the time has come to ride the bike in full glory. But make sure that you increase the speed gradually and not all in one go.

Like all new changes, dogs are apprehensive when it comes to being in a dog trailer. You just need little bit of patience. Give your dog enough time to adjust and they will be fine. The first and foremost thing to achieve is to break the ice between the trailer and your dog. Help him remove the initial confusion or fear. After that, you will find that your pet will be more than happy to hop on board without any hesitation.


What to look for in a dog trailer?

There are few things you definitely need to keep in mind before buying a dog trailer. After all, you are buying the trailer for your precious pet. So it is important that you look at various safety features, and the overall build quality. Most pet owners are not sure what to look for when they want to buy a dog bike trailer? I have made it easier for you by breaking it down to various sections.  Below you will find what you actually need to look for in order to buy the best dog trailer.

The Size

This can be regarded as the most important factor of all. Do not take the strength of a well-built trailer lightly as there are ones that can carry about 170 lbs or 77 kgs easily. And remember, the crammed dog is not a happy dog. There must be ample space around the dog so that your dog can move around with no issue at all.

The Hitch

This is the part that connects the trailer to your bike. If there is something wrong with the connection, it can affect the whole ride and comfort. In worst case scenarios, the hitch can come undone, and the trailer may detach from the bike causing it to topple over.  When you buy a trailer for your dog, make sure to ask the seller about the compatibility of the hitch with your bike’s rear axle. Anything that is flimsy or shoddy looking is not something worth considering. Always remember, safety comes first.

Weather protection:

It’s a fact that many dog owners do not look for weather protection in dog trailers. It can be because that they might think it won’t be of use. But seasoned rides will always recommend you to buy a trailer that has some sort of weather project based on the place you live. You will never know of an impending shower as it can really mess up both the inside and outside of the trailer. Even if it isn’t raining, there are always the possibility of occasional splashes that can happen from puddles. Dust is another villain that will try to give your dog a hard time while it’s on the road.


Okay now you may think weight is a good thing, as it might mean the trailer is more sturdy, right? Nope! Heavy trailer simply means you will have to pedal harder. Weight maybe also be a bad thing because it will affect the stopping distance of your bike. More weight means your brake has to put more effort to stop the bike and the trailer. This not at all ideal if you are on the road and the vehicle in front of you brakes suddenly. So the right balance is essential. Also, manufacturers do put out a warning on the trailer about the maximum speed it can handle safely. Make sure to keep within limits for purposes of safety.


When you are out on the road, there are many things that can go wrong. And, safety always comes first. Trailers come in all shapes and sizes. Did you know that they come with various safety features too? And every bike trailer is different. For example, the good ones come with reflective stripes sewed in to the outer covering. This makes the trailer more visible on roads, especially at night time. Also, the hitch comes with various features such as quick release mechanism to help you secure and detach the trailer with ease. But safety isn’t just the external features; it also has a great deal of impact on what’s inside the trailer. Let’s just have a brief look at what we are on about.

Common Safety Features

Padding: The interior padding plays a big role in keeping your pet cozy and comfortable. Make sure that the padding stays in place and doesn’t move about in the trailer. Trailers nowadays come with velcro straps, which keeps everything in place. So keep an eye out for these little details.

Harness: A harness perhaps is one of the the most important safety feature. A harness ensures your dog’s safety inside the trailer. Most pet trailers comes with harness included. Some manufacturers provide it as an optional add on. If it comes included, make sure that the harness supports your dog’s size.

Suspension: A good shock absorption system greatly enhances the ride quality of the dog bike trailer. Imagine what would happen to your car if it did not have a good suspension. And, it is the same thing for your dog in a trailer. There are dog trailers out there that come with high quality shock absorbers. This definitely helps in providing comfort for your dog during long rides. But please do have in mind that these trailers are costly as they have more intricate components than regular dog trailers.

And that’s it, guys! The list of top 10 dog trailers you can buy in 2018. Hope you guys find this guide helpful. No product is fool proof, they have their pros and cons. Make sure you read all details and specifications before you buy the one which is most suitable for your needs.

Real life examples why people use dog bike trailer?

Let me share with you some more nice videos of dog lovers. People who use dog bike trailer in their life. The videos are interesting to watch because it will give you an idea why you should buy one.

Biking Rules in Different Countries

Biking with a dog is fun but it is important you know the rules of the road and follow government guidelines. This will ensure you’re safe and so is your dog. In this section, I will share with you biking rules in different countries. I would highly suggest you read them before you venture out with your dog on a bike trailer.

Biking Rules in the USA

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Biking Rules in the UK

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Biking in Amsterdam

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Queensland, Australia – Rules on Biking

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Dogs love the great outdoors, so take your furry friend for a walk, bike ride or even boating whenever you get a chance. It will be a good way to bond better with your dog. At the same time both of you will get a lot of physical exercise.