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World’s Ten Best Dog Behaviorists

We know dogs are incredible animals, don’t we? And that is the reason why they have been our companion from the pre-dawn of human civilization. Even so, more than any other domestic animal, proper training and docility practices form an absolute requirement for every dog.

I am sure you will agree with me that dog training however, is an intricate subject. But, understanding a dog’s behavior definitely takes a lot of patience, study and off course some experience. The following list highlights the best dog behaviorist you need to follow. These guys are no doubt awesome, and they will teach you how to give your dog the best care and attention they truly deserve.

Below, we have selected for you the top ten scholars in the field. Most of them have done their doctorates, and they have an well established reputation with a wide range of experience. I would like to invite you to decide for yourself who you think is the best dog behaviorist.

  1. Leslie McDevitt

Leslie is a disciple of the pioneer veterinary behaviorist Dr. Karen Overall. McDevitt. She developed an understanding of dog psychology through personal enthusiasm. Her celebrity dog, Geordie, is a rescue dog. Determined to help him out of his crushing anxiety, and unhealthy behavioral pattern, she started learning about dog psychology. And that’s how she met her mentor in this process, and decided to share her knowledge with other pet owners. McDevitt is the author of the book ‘Control Unleashed.’ Furthermore, she is also known for her easy-to-follow training programs and real ground observations.

  1. Sophia Yin

Sophia was definitely one of the best dog psychologist of all times. Sadly she is not with us anymore. At the time of her demise in 2014, Dr. Yin had over a dozen books to her credit. Now her official website is managed by her fans and followers. The website is awesome as it contains excellent dog behavior related resources. The website has detailed information, excerpts from her books, and other related links. Dr. Yin’s website is a “go to” for everyone. She has a Ph.D. in Veterinary Science and Sophie was also a low-stress dog handing expert, and her fans call her the best dog behaviorist in the world.

  1. Ian Dunbar

Dr. Ian Dunbar is a celebrated author and founder of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). The APDT recognizes and certifies professional dog trainers in America. In addition to that, the website also maintains a catalog of qualified trainers in all the cities of the USA. Dr. Dunbar also runs the Dunbar Academy. His online dog behavior courses are loved by dog owners and professionals alike. Other than these, he conducts frequent seminars on the rehabilitation of aggressive dogs and off-leash puppy classes.

  1. Karen Pryor

Pryor is the pioneer of “force-free training,” and the dog and owner dance routine called the “canine freestyle.” Her training programs are unique, interesting and extremely unconventional. Furthermore, followers swear by their effectiveness. Karen is a best selling author of “Don’t Shoot the Dog”. This book is known for creative, stress-free training, and dog-parent bonding exercises. And, she has also founded the Karen Pryor Academy. It is a school for dogs based on her unique training style. And, the school also offers online certified courses for aspiring dog trainers. Other than this range of services, her website is an excellent resource for dog owners too. Additionally, with a wide range of information and area-wise catalog of trainers, there is a plethora of learning here.

  1. Patricia McConnell

McConnell is best known for her two well known books on dog psychology: “The Love of a Dog” and “The Other End of the Leash.” Her official blog and website offer detailed information on several relevant topics behavior management and dog psychology. Patricia is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and she is very active on her Facebook page offering memes, jokes, news and helpful tips on dog training.

  1. Susan Garrett

Garret’s book “Shaping Success” is one of the most celebrated books with beginners in dog training. The book offers simple and straightforward explanations to complex psychological concepts. It holds a 91% five-star rating on Amazon. Her lectures and programs are available on social media and DVDs. Stores across the world sell them by the millions. And the good thing, Garret also makes frequent appearances on various seminars and agility competitions along with her most adorable dogs.

  1. Jean Donaldson

Jean Donaldson is a celebrated author, dog trainer, and the founder of the virtual university known as: The Academy for Dog Trainers. In the same vein, her books “the Culture Clash” “MINE!” and “FIGHT! A Guide to Dog-Dog Aggression” are amongst the most authoritative researched volumes on dog training. Her academy offers extensive online training programs in comprehensive education related to dog behavior. Aspiring trainers and dog owners can learn from her practical techniques and detailed video coaching sessions.

  1. Jeff Silverman

Jeff Silverman is the former Chairman of the Board for the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. He is celebrity dog trainer himself. Jeff currently works with the Training Tracks Canine Learning Station. It is an elite training school for dogs in Cincinnati, Ohio. Silverman is an expert on aggression, anxiety and trust issues in rescued dogs. Animal welfare associations and dog shelters all over the world appreciate his work. And, he is also a featured author on Dog Star Daily on related topics. The official Facebook page of Training Tracks offers tips, links, and news related to dog training and behavior. The page is an excellent resource for the average dog owner. Also, even the best dog behaviorist can take something from it.

  1. Kathy Slado

Kathy is a certified dog behaviorist and her excellent scholarly works include: Plenty in Life Is Free: Reflections on Dogs and Training and Finding Grace. She is also an active dog trainer. Kathy is currently working with the Bright Spot Dog Training School in Washington D.C. She offers regular webinars, video lectures, and tutorials on topics related to dog behavior. A wide range of people and dog enthusiasts especially subscribe to her webinars. The basics of canine learning theory, the body language of dogs, etc. are great learning resources for dog owners. Aspiring trainers can learn the management of a large group of dogs as well.

  1. Nicholas Dodman

Dr. Dodman is probably the most renowned in our list of celebrity behaviorists. He is a member of Animal Planet’s popular series “Dogs 101.” Dr. Dodson teaches at Tufts Animal Behavior Clinic. He offers an excellent resource for dog owners. The institute also offers personal interaction classes on dog training, phobias, and body language, etc. He is a regular contributor to Dog Star Daily. Dr. Dodson is also a known scholar on hypothyroidism in dogs and has published several articles on the subject. Identically, they have credited him with the debunking of the dominance theory.

The dog behaviorists mentioned in this list offer innovative and well-researched dog training solutions. Gone are the days of owner dominance and pack psychology. This new generation of dog trainers offers dance routines and bonding sessions. All things considered, all of them are accomplished and the best dog behaviorist in their own right.

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