basic dog care tips

Basic Dog Care Tips

Do you have a dog at home? Are you planning to get home a little ball of fur? If the answer is a resounding YES then you must read my full article. Having a little furry friend can bring great joy to your life. If you are new to the pet parent club, you must know that taking care of a dog is very similar to taking care of a little baby. I am not trying to scare you at all.

As a dog enthusiast, I do believe that your little furry friend will give you immense love and unconditional loyalty in return. At the same time, you have a huge responsibility of taking good care of your beautiful friend as well. So, the question is – How do you properly take care of your dog? And, most importantly how do you get started? It is pretty simple though because what your pooch really need is a lot of love, care and attention. That’s it, and if you do that in the right way, then you and your dog will have the best times ever.

So, before you bring home a little puppy, it is definitely a good idea to know the basics of caring for a dog. Those simple details that you may easily miss out, which may affect their well-being or even put them at risk. I would like to emphasize again that having a dog as your pet and best friend is a big responsibility. Most new dog owners do not prepare them enough, and that results in many unfavorable situations. And, no dog lover wants that.  So, the whole idea of this article is to get you started on how to take care of your dog properly. Let’s dive in right away.

Feeding your puppy

Your little puppy is going to need good nutrition, so he can grow strong and healthy. When you get a dog to your home, you maybe be a bit unsure as to what is good for them and what is not. So, a good way is to talk to experienced dog owners, dog experts and read good reliable blogs who specialize on dog nutrition and health. It is a good idea to find a certified Vet in your area and get some tips from them as well.

Dog kibble is available for puppies as well as adult dogs. You can buy a starter kit for your dog. Your veterinary doctor would be able to suggest the best brand of kibble. But, as you know there are various opponents to commercial dog food. This is one good article who support natural dog food.

#Special note – Overeating can lead to nausea and dizziness, so do not give too much food to your little puppy. Follow the instructions given on the pack of the kibble. You could either soak the kibble in water or you can give it as it is depending on the food item.

Make sure you come up with a good eating routine for your dog. This is a brief article on how to create a simple puppy schedule by Cesar Millan. You may prefer to feed your dog in the morning and then the next meal may be night time, and some snacks in-between. And, off course plenty of fresh water to drink, so your dog remains hydrated all the time.

Your dog needs to go on a walk after he/she digests the food. Give the dog 20-30 minutes after eating. Take them out for a walk, so that they can get fresh. Do not give too many treats to your pet because they are called ‘treats’ for a special reason. You must use treats as a positive reinforcement.

Find the Best Veterinary Doctor

You would need to find the best veterinary doctor for your pooch! Your dog requires special care and choosing the top doctor would be a wise idea. If you had your own kid, you would take them to the best doctor in town!

When you bring home a pet, you need to get their vaccinations done. Getting your dog vaccinated is important because he/she will be free from diseases!

The best veterinary doctor will make a clinical report card for your pet. The doctor will vaccinate your dog and even take care of the parasite preventive treatments. De-worming your dog is necessary.

Once you get home a furry friend, take him/her to the veterinary doctor and get the vaccinations done!

Grooming your dog

Dogs with thicker coat would need regular grooming. You can either take them to a dog grooming parlour or you can get the necessary shampoos and conditioners for your pet. There are special tick treatment shampoos for dogs.

Do not bathe your dog more than twice in a month! If you have a long-coat dog then he/she may need a bathing session twice in a month. Visiting a grooming parlour would be wise because they would take care of the matts or tangled coat.

You would need to trim the nails. There is a special trimmer available for dogs but your veterinary doctor will be able to do it efficiently!

Regular Exercise is NECESSARY!

When you have a dog in your home, you must take him/her out for regular walks. If the dogs get lack of exercise, there will be behavioural problems such as excessive chewing and biting.

Let them view the world and play with people!

Words from the Wise

We hope that the post helped you to understand the ways of taking care of a dog! Your dog needs a lot of love and care. Having a dog will bring immense happiness to your life!

Your dog may need grooming sessions and there will be occasional accidents as well. If you feel prepared for taking up the responsibility then you can get a furry friend home!

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