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Wholistic Dog Training is a one stop best dog psychology resources on the web. We will bring you new updated studies on how your dog’s life can be made better with these simple strategies. Dogs give us unconditional love and we do the same. It is fascinating what dog lovers do to take care of their dog. I am sure you are one of them as well, who love their dogs to bits.

We love dogs and at times we over do it. What do I mean by that? Yes, we splash them with so much love that we start to do things the wrong way. We forget that they are dogs and they have a different way of doing things. They are not human beings. So, they perceive things and see the world differently than human beings.


Dogs have special intelligence, which we do not have. At the same time we have something special, which they don’t either. When these two things meet than synergy is created and that’s the purpose of dog psychology.

Editor Wholistic Dog Training

Socializing our dogs

When I see a dog misbehaving, the first thing that comes to my mind is its up-bringing. A lot depends on how we socialize our dogs. We want our dogs to do things following the human principles. But, they are dogs. They have a special way of doing things. Some dog owners understand this more than others. And, that makes a huge difference how their dogs behave.

Dog psychology is not just Science, it is an art. It is more the art of observation and what their body language is saying. Dogs were friends with human beings from thousands of years. So, we know them and they know us. Start observing them and enjoy it. If you do that, you will find magic will start to happen. It is not the dog trainers or dog experts who know everything. We do as well but we don’t recognize it.

I believe we can do more. So, please be your dog’s teacher, be his or her guide. In this website, we will share all the things we have just spoken. Remember, there is no right or wrong. We learn by doing things and observing what works and what don’t. Make this a habit for you and your dog.