Dog Psychology is a fascinating field and we all want to know more about dog psychology. Why? Because we want a good, well-mannered, kind and intelligent dog. As dog lovers we know they are very intelligent and loving animals.

And, dog psychology training can help your intelligent dog to become street smart.

Wholistic Dog Training Journal

Welcome to Wholistic Dog Training. Our goal is to bring you the best dog-psychology resources available on the web. dog psychologyMany dedicated people have spent a significant time of their life to work on this field to explore what works best and what doesn’t. The whole idea is to improve the quality of life for your dog. Knowing about dog psychology helps in gaining a better understanding of our furry friend. What they like and what they don’t like? What triggers certain behaviors? How can a dog become more friendly and calm? How to be proactive so your dog does not adopt aggressive behavior? And dog breed also affects the temperament and their overall behavior.

I think as dog owners we really need to explore more and educate ourselves. So we become better dog owners. Because it is not just about your dog. It is about you, your family, your dog and everyone around you. Dog is a member of your family, so there has to be a nice fit.

Psychologists and experts are continuously studying the behavior of dogs to know more about them. When we know them better and understand them more, we will be better equipped to do things which works well. Surely we know all about Cesar Milan. Cesar stands out the most because of his celebrity status. And his famous National Geographic Channel dog show called Dog Whisperer. I know you might be going, hang on “There are lot of other people as well who have contributed significantly to this field”.

You’re right, in this website we will explore the works of all the experts who have immensely contributed to the field of Dog Psychology. I hope you will find the information useful and share with us your own experience because you’re the greatest expert for your dog. No one knows better than you do, so welcome again.

Wholistic Dog Training Team.